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Mobile Gaming Platform Playphone Reviews the Mental Health Benefits of Video Games

During the COVID-19 pandemic, global video game sales skyrocketed to 175 billion in total global sales, a 31% rise in sales from 2019, which recorded only 120.1 billion in total sales. The increase in sales was largely credited to the COVID-19 pandemic’s shelter-in-place orders, which asked citizens to remain at home for the majority of 2020. However, many experts now believe that this rise in video game sales was also due to the positive impact video games have on civilian mental health, which greatly suffered throughout the pandemic. While video games are considered one of the most popular pastimes in countries worldwide, little research has been done on the psychological impact of video games on players. However, this has recently changed thanks to Oxford University’s Director of Research Andrew Przybylski who’s recent study has paved the way for future studies into video game’s psychological effects. Mobile gaming platform Playphone and recognizes the significance of this study and hopes to educate others on the mental benefits of video games. Below, Playphone will review the Oxford University’s video game study as well as Professor Andrew Przbylski’s findings. 

Within this study, Oxford University’s Professor Andrew Przybylskihoped to explore the connection between objective game time and well-being while also reviewing the link between measured behavior and subjective mental health. The study explored not only the role of player experiences but also how feelings of autonomy, enjoyment, competence, and peer pressure relegated to the typical video gamer’s well-being. Within the study, Oxford researchers surveyed 3,270 players and asked them to record their well-being, motivational experiences, and self-reported play while playing two popular video games (Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and Animal Crossing: New Horizons). The survey’s findings were combined with behavioral data collected by video game companies.

The key findings of the survey include: • Players who experience genuine enjoyment from video games report more positive well-being• People whose psychological needs are not being met in the “real world” can report negative well-being from video gaming• A player’s subjective experiences during video gaming are a more significant factor for well-being than simply time spent video gaming. • The amount of time a player spends gaming was a small but major positive factor in people’s well-being. 

Overall, the study shows that a player’s feelings of competence during gameplay combined with social connections made in online gaming community play are significant contributors to a person’s well-being. Additionally, the study found that those who report enjoyment from gaming were more likely to report positive well-being.

PlayEdge by Playphone® Bolsters its Gaming Service with More Premium Titles


SAN JOSE, CA. December 9th, 2020. – Playphone® announced today that it has added several premium game titles to its mobile gaming service PlayEdge in time for the holidays. Backed by the strong growth in new users and increased time spent playing games, the expansion is timely with most users spending more time indoors at home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

PlayEdge provides players access to more than 2,500 titles across Android, iOS and HTML5 mobile platforms, including a large share of “top 10” premium games titles and exciting content optimized for the new 5G mobiles entering the market.

Some of the new on premium titles recently launched on PlayEdge include:

Jigsaw Puzzles Classic (Android, iOS)

Millionaire quiz (Android, iOS)

That’s My Family Checkers (Android)

Spades (Android, iOS)

Galaxy Warriors (Android, iOS)

Conduct This (Android)

Age of conquest Europe (Android)

Zombie Barrier Pro (Android)

Yatzy (iOS, Android)

Super Racing GT Drag Pro (Android, iOS)

Furious Racing (Android, iOS)

Stickman PVP wars (Android)

Multiplayer 5G Snake Eater (Android)

“We’re thrilled that elite developers are continuing to choose PlayEdge as a publishing solution to distribute, monetize and market their games,” said Darryl Williams, VP of Content at Playphone®. “With PlayEdge, we are driving the accessibility of premium content and adoption of the next generation 5G devices”.

Playphone® Inc., is a technology leader in mobile gaming platforms and premium content distribution.  PlayEdge by Playphone®, is a premium mobile gaming service that connects smartphone and tablet gamers to a unique mobile gaming experience. Playphone’s technology works on the top leading platforms including Android, iOS and HTML5. PlayEdge connects gamers with the most popular games and offers a deep catalog exceeding 2,500 titles.

PlayEdge Library Satisfies Gamers Looking for More Ways to Play

Video games have proven to be an incredibly popular pastime, in part because they are simple to pick up, fun, and can quickly connect people with others at the same time. While videogames in the form of consoles have seen a notable rise in sales since the pandemic’s onset, mobile games have steadily grown in popularity as well. Playedge, for example, has seen an increase in subscribers due to the different experience it provides to gamers when compared to console games.

One of the inherent benefits of Playedge games is that the membership provides access to thousands of games within its library. This is in stark contrast to console games, in which payment for one game will typically not include access to another. In this way, Playedge is a great solution for gamers that want variety and the ability to switch from game to game without needing to pay hundreds for that liberty. With selections that span a variety of genres such as puzzle games, action adventure, trivia, players can play multiple types without being committed to a particular game for longer than their interest lasts. Many gamers have experiences with purchasing a game and only enjoying it for a small amount of time before wishing to move on to others. This is sometimes complicated when games are purchased via online downloads and cannot be resold to recoup any of the costs. Playedge satisfies the need for diversity in game selection by ensuring that subscribers have access to its 5,000-game library at a low membership cost. Gamers can try out a variety of games and can always go back to visit their favorites.

The rise of online gaming in the past few months since shutdowns began has clued many gamers in to one tough reality of gaming- it can be expensive! Many popular games have downloadable content that is necessary for gamers to purchase to play to the extent of their games’ capacity. Playedge acknowledges the legitimacy of this model. After all, developers and the companies that employ them put in extra work so that fans can reap more enjoyment from their games. Playedge, however, utilizes a different model for their games that includes giving subscribers the ability to redeem coins through playing and use them for redeeming Amazon gift cards. As we play games we are sometimes left wondering if our methods for staying entertained have any true benefit beyond being a fun way to pass the time. Through rewards, Playedge shows gamers that their time is well spent, giving them the opportunity to put their redeemed cash back into gaming or towards some of their other interests.

For many gamers, the decision to play Playedge games is a function of convenience. Many of us have smart phones in today’s landscape, and we are inherently more likely to have it in our possession when we are in a situation conducive to playing a game. Doctor or dentist waiting rooms, the DMV, relaxing at home, and other situations where we sit and wait are common places where Playedge games are an asset for alleviating boredom when we may not have another videogame source on our person.

Playphone Reviews the Positive Affects of Mobile Gaming

Playphone reviews

We often talk about fitness from a physical perspective, focusing on keeping our bodies active at the gym or running and playing sports. Often overlooked is mental fitness…exercising our brains, relieving negative stress and keeping social. Overtime our brains can deteriorate and we are not as sharp or quick to respond as we once were. We have all heard of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and the fear of confusing our own children’s names as we get older. If we don’t take care of our brains, we are much more likely to suffer from progressive diseases like this that destroy memory and other important mental functions.

So, how can we continue to challenge our brains and keep them from deteriorating?

One way to keep our brains active is to take advantage of the many gaming options available through Playphone’s mobile game platform. Studies have been done on puzzles and strategy games and how they can positively affect our brain. Playphone reviews point to strategy games like Checkers, Chess, and Mahjong to improve decision making and problem-solving skills. Puzzle games like Sudoku, Tetris, or classic jigsaw puzzles can increase brain stimulation and improve information processing. Continuing to challenge ourselves and keep our brain active with mobile games can improve our overall mental fitness. 

Not only do mobile games promote mental fitness by creating challenges that your brain has to work through, they also provide stress relief from our everyday jobs and responsibilities. Chronic stress causes the body to make more cortisol (the primary stress hormone) than it has a chance to release. High levels of cortisol can wear down the brain’s ability to function properly. Overall, stress can kill brain cells and even reduce the size of the brain. We can manage our stress by finding activities that we enjoy, that take our minds off of whatever challenges we are facing. Mobile gaming fits the bill by providing a fun stress-free environment that is accessible at any time, from just about any device!

An added bonus is the social aspect that Playphone provides. Playphone reviews shows that gamers are not only engaged from a mental fitness capacity, they are connected and interacting with friends and other gamers while using the mobile game platform.  Social interaction helps keep our brains active and sharp.

The Playphone platform allows gamers to test their brains, relief stress and stay social with a subscription to more than 5,000 mobile games on their device for one low monthly fee. The platform makes it easy for users to access games, accumulate coins, and use those coins to redeem rewards in the form of Amazon gift cards. So, whether you want to work out your brain, take a break from your day to day stress or socialize with others, Playphone is a win-win!

Playphone Reviews Games That Keep Our Minds Sharp

With many of us spending more time at home, one of our biggest worries beyond boredom is keeping our minds sharp during our free time. When Playphone reviews common ways for individuals to keep their minds engaged and active while at home, mobile games stand out as an entertainment method that can also help us maintain our all-important mental fortitude. To provide a bit more insight on the topic, Playphone reviews a few mobile games from its library that stand out as great ways to train your brain.

Games like Sudoku are recognized by the American Alzheimer’s Association as brain games that could help lower the risk of developing the disease. Some experts and researchers similarly deduce that mentally stimulating games may lower the risk of dementia later in life. While the science of certain games increasing our cognitive fortitude is often debated, games like Sudoku can certainly help us relax, focus on a task, and recognize patterns. This clarity that Sudoku can provide can help us utilize our minds to be more efficient and goal oriented, even if it may not make us smarter on paper.

Chess may not seem as glamorous as some options that Playphone provides in their library but, in terms of games that can help keep us mentally sharp, chess is certainly hard to beat. When Playphone reviews the benefits of chess, one of the biggest ways that the game’s mobile iteration can help our brains is by increasing problem solving skills. Chess is almost impossible to win without being proactive in your approach and adapting to what your opponent throws your way is an important skill that playing the game develops. Chess also increases our concentration and attention to detail. The ability to concentrate is all-important in a world where attention spans are constantly dropping, and a game of chance demands the utmost attention from its players.

Math and Spelling Games
One concern that parents have with their children, especially as kids spend more time alone, is that they will lose mental acuity due to a lack of focus and engagement. When Playphone reviews its selection, they find that there are a wide variety of games that can serve to supplement educational materials and keep children’s minds sharp in their downtime. For example, games such as Math Burger can help with a foundational understanding of mathematics in a way that is interesting to children while they play. Playphone has games within its library that are suitable for young children as well that can help them practice spelling, counting, and early- learning puzzles. Children are spending more and more time interacting with technology in the current landscape and ensuring that even some of that time is spent with educational games can keep them sharp as they have fun.

Playphone Reviews Some of Their Most Popular Games

middle-aged man with beard using PlayPhone games app while sitting on floor

Playphone reviews show that the reason so many gamers flood towards their subscription based mobile gaming platform is the ability to play a large variety of games. For those unfamiliar with Playphone games, it is a cross-platform network where players can play against the computer or against their friends on all of the latest mobile devices. Gamers from more than 25 countries enjoy PlayPhone games daily.

Apart from the chance to compete for coins, which can be converted into Amazon gift cards, a lot of gamers choose Playphone simply for the variety of titles that a subscription provides them access to. Even the most popular games grow tiresome after weeks of gameplay. Playphone Games ensures a gamer never runs short on gaming fun! Today, Playphone reviews some of the most popular games people enjoy daily.

  • Subway Surfers – Seoul – A lot of people hoped hoverboards would be one of the most popular transportation methods in 2020. While there may not be a hoverboard in every garage, gamers can enjoy hoverboard surfing at their leisure with Subway Surfers! With vivid HD graphics, gamers enjoy dashing fast and dodging trains through Seoul. Players can either challenge their friends or help them achieve higher scores.
  • Deal or No Deal – When the popular gameshow hit the airwaves, people dreamed of an opportunity to answer the fateful question, Deal or No Deal? Now, anyone can go toe-to-toe with the banker in this thrilling mobile game. Players select a case, which holds a hidden prize amount. They then select case by case and need to decide if they’re willing to risk what the bank offers for their shot at the grand prize!
  • Pou – Who wouldn’t love a tiny alien pet who loves to eat and play? Pou is one of the most successful mobile games in the history of mobile gaming. Every gamer who plays Pou will need to pamper their new pet to help their Pou grow, evolve, and stay happy.
  • Millionaire Quiz – Trivia buffs love testing their skills in Millionaire Quiz on PlayPhone Games. There are fifteen levels of general trivia questions, which equate to 150 questions. Each level raises the difficulty for the gamer. When a player gets stumped, they can hit the pass button and lock in their score. However, to reach the top of the leaderboard, a player will have to be willing to take some risks along the way!

Playphone Discusses Benefits of Mobile Games


Mobile games have become ubiquitous since the creation of smartphones and for a good reason— they are incredible fun to play. While fun is certainly important in our day to day lives, we have also found that mobile games can have a host of other benefits that can be exhibited when we play in moderation. In this article, Playphone reviews a few of the most useful ways that playing mobile games can improve our quality of life.

Boost Your Brain Power

A lot of people do not automatically associate playing mobile games with increasing your brain power but a wide variety of them can be used for that purpose. For example, certain games can do wonders for your memory and some experts recommend memory stimulating games for older individuals looking to keep themselves sharp. Playphone acknowledges that puzzle games can improve spatial awareness, which can prove useful in a variety of applications in everyday life. While even games that are not inherently educational can keep your brain engaged in a way that help your mental fortitude, there are also a range of educational and general knowledge based mobile games that can ensure that you learn something any time that you play.

Keep You Relaxed

When Playphone reviews the benefits of mobile games, they consistently find that mobile games can be a great source of relaxation for those that play them. Everyday life can get stressful and all of us occasionally need to find ways that can help us wind down and detach. Mobile games can be just the thing for destressing when we feel overwhelmed and, in moderation, can play a role in self-care rituals by bringing us much needed entertainment.

Improve Concentration and Focus

We live in a world with many inherent distractions and constantly falling attention spans, with experts estimating that the average attention span is now only eight seconds. Some assume that an individual looking at their phone consistently is a byproduct of lowering attention spans, however, paying attention to a specific game or task on one’s phone can improve their ability to focus. Playphone recognizes the ways in which mobile games can improve an individual’s ability to focus on a task and see it through until its completion, a skill that is pertinent for multiple aspects of our everyday life including work and schooling.

Foster Connection

Mobile games can be a simple yet effective way to stay connected with friends while having fun in a stress-free environment. Playphone notes how multiplayer games can help us bond with our friends and even meet new ones in a safe and secure space. Because multiplayer games often have elements that require teamwork, we can feel connected to our friends as we problem solve within the games we play. Competitive games can also keep us connected with our friends by fostering a feeling of friendly competition. Win or lose, we all win we are all winners when spending quality time with our favorite people.

Playphone Reviews The Top Mobile Games Ever

Playphone video game screen on an iPhone

Playphone reviews show that gamers from around the globe love the variety of gaming experiences that Playphone provides. Those who subscribe to Playphone have access to more than 5,000 mobile games. Players can play as often as they like and the more they play and win, the more coins they accumulate, which can later turn into Amazon gift cards. Playphone reviews show players login multiple times a day to get in on the action, but what makes mobile gaming so popular? What is it that makes a great mobile game? Today, Playphone reviews the top mobile games of all time to see what keeps players coming back for more.

The most played mobile game of all time is Pokemon Go. In the augmented reality mobile game, players are tasked with locating, capturing, and training different Pokemon creatures. The popularity of the game starts with the name recognition. Pokemon was one of the most popular Nintendo games of all time. You add on the ability to incorporate a mobile devices GPS system to find Pokemon throughout the real world, and you have a winning formula for a dream game. Players love traveling to new areas and seeing if they can “catch them all.”

The only other game that can boast more than a billion downloads is Subway Surfers. The game debuted in 2012 and started the craze of endless runner games. Each game starts with a player spraying graffitti on a train only to be caught in the act, which starts the chase. With obstacles all over the place, players must practice their skills often to beat their high scores. A lot of the success of the game can be linked to daily challenges and weekly hunts, which give gamers a reason to come back to the game again and again.

Only two other games can boast more than 500 million downloads. They are Despicable Me: Minion Rush and PUBG Mobile. Both games are very different. The first is geared towards children and their love of some of the most popular movie characters in the last 20 years. The second is geared towards adults who are able to engage in one-on-one combat missions. What both games have in common, and all the games in the top 4 of all time for that matter, is that they offer fun and addicting gameplay. The challenge is always there and beating a personal high score brings instant gratification for the player.

Playphone reviews all of the most popular games to ensure the titles they provide their gamers offer the most enjoyable gaming experience possible. While the fun of the game is enough for most users, don’t forget that none of the games mentioned above offer the opportunity to earn real cash via gift cards like Playphone does.