Playphone Reviews the Positive Affects of Mobile Gaming

Playphone reviews

We often talk about fitness from a physical perspective, focusing on keeping our bodies active at the gym or running and playing sports. Often overlooked is mental fitness…exercising our brains, relieving negative stress and keeping social. Overtime our brains can deteriorate and we are not as sharp or quick to respond as we once were. We have all heard of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and the fear of confusing our own children’s names as we get older. If we don’t take care of our brains, we are much more likely to suffer from progressive diseases like this that destroy memory and other important mental functions.

So, how can we continue to challenge our brains and keep them from deteriorating?

One way to keep our brains active is to take advantage of the many gaming options available through Playphone’s mobile game platform. Studies have been done on puzzles and strategy games and how they can positively affect our brain. Playphone reviews point to strategy games like Checkers, Chess, and Mahjong to improve decision making and problem-solving skills. Puzzle games like Sudoku, Tetris, or classic jigsaw puzzles can increase brain stimulation and improve information processing. Continuing to challenge ourselves and keep our brain active with mobile games can improve our overall mental fitness. 

Not only do mobile games promote mental fitness by creating challenges that your brain has to work through, they also provide stress relief from our everyday jobs and responsibilities. Chronic stress causes the body to make more cortisol (the primary stress hormone) than it has a chance to release. High levels of cortisol can wear down the brain’s ability to function properly. Overall, stress can kill brain cells and even reduce the size of the brain. We can manage our stress by finding activities that we enjoy, that take our minds off of whatever challenges we are facing. Mobile gaming fits the bill by providing a fun stress-free environment that is accessible at any time, from just about any device!

An added bonus is the social aspect that Playphone provides. Playphone reviews shows that gamers are not only engaged from a mental fitness capacity, they are connected and interacting with friends and other gamers while using the mobile game platform.  Social interaction helps keep our brains active and sharp.

The Playphone platform allows gamers to test their brains, relief stress and stay social with a subscription to more than 5,000 mobile games on their device for one low monthly fee. The platform makes it easy for users to access games, accumulate coins, and use those coins to redeem rewards in the form of Amazon gift cards. So, whether you want to work out your brain, take a break from your day to day stress or socialize with others, Playphone is a win-win!

Playphone Reviews
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