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With many of us spending more time at home, one of our biggest worries beyond boredom is keeping our minds sharp during our free time. When Playphone reviews common ways for individuals to keep their minds engaged and active while at home, mobile games stand out as an entertainment method that can also help us maintain our all-important mental fortitude. To provide a bit more insight on the topic, Playphone reviews a few mobile games from its library that stand out as great ways to train your brain.

Games like Sudoku are recognized by the American Alzheimer’s Association as brain games that could help lower the risk of developing the disease. Some experts and researchers similarly deduce that mentally stimulating games may lower the risk of dementia later in life. While the science of certain games increasing our cognitive fortitude is often debated, games like Sudoku can certainly help us relax, focus on a task, and recognize patterns. This clarity that Sudoku can provide can help us utilize our minds to be more efficient and goal oriented, even if it may not make us smarter on paper.

Chess may not seem as glamorous as some options that Playphone provides in their library but, in terms of games that can help keep us mentally sharp, chess is certainly hard to beat. When Playphone reviews the benefits of chess, one of the biggest ways that the game’s mobile iteration can help our brains is by increasing problem solving skills. Chess is almost impossible to win without being proactive in your approach and adapting to what your opponent throws your way is an important skill that playing the game develops. Chess also increases our concentration and attention to detail. The ability to concentrate is all-important in a world where attention spans are constantly dropping, and a game of chance demands the utmost attention from its players.

Math and Spelling Games
One concern that parents have with their children, especially as kids spend more time alone, is that they will lose mental acuity due to a lack of focus and engagement. When Playphone reviews its selection, they find that there are a wide variety of games that can serve to supplement educational materials and keep children’s minds sharp in their downtime. For example, games such as Math Burger can help with a foundational understanding of mathematics in a way that is interesting to children while they play. Playphone has games within its library that are suitable for young children as well that can help them practice spelling, counting, and early- learning puzzles. Children are spending more and more time interacting with technology in the current landscape and ensuring that even some of that time is spent with educational games can keep them sharp as they have fun.

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